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What Participants Say

Miracles are popping up everywhere!

I am finding tremendous value in The Miracle Is YOU! My experience can be described as: A Quest, Guided with the TV show and meditation following to deepen the experience; Deep Realization -to acknowledge how consciousness challenges have ruled the ways I operate; Deep Releasing -awareness to release and practice opening to “I am worthy of my gifts, even though my life is messy and being cleaned up”; Daily Awareness -that the other side is that I am doing the work and there is more to do as I can choose; Deep Awareness -since I created it once I can create anew from a healthy place of love and not force. The bonus emails fuel an additional boost to the already rich wisdoms! Adopting the mindset that the miracle is ME! I am worthy of being The Miracle!

Margrete Chadwick

Conscious Global Leader

A beautiful, absolutely heartwarming and awakening conversation! Thank you both so much, you truly shine the light of love and awaken others to the truth of oneness. I felt inspired to play my harp from my heart 🙏💖

Clare Roslington

Malvern, Worcestershire UK

We are really enjoying the program.  You are masterful in this program and even in our group of gleaning out the nuggets and articulating them in a clear and applicable way.  I love the way your program provides so many deep insights and then offers a way to implement resolution.  Brilliant work. Thank you so much.

Jan Hibbard

Conscious Coaching

I have been very centered these last few weeks and finding myself moving through consciousness challenges more gracefully when it has to do with my issues.  Less self judgements are happening.  

This past Wed. was different though.  I had a complete cellular mind and body alignment / complete cellular soul memory clearing.  Today, I am noticing childhood emotions that I had buried in my body from those challenging times back then arising.  It feels good to let them go.  And with all the consciousness work I have done with your wonderful support, it  has made it the right timing for this other cellular work to happen.  I feel calm, centered in love and lots lighter as I do this work. Thanks! 😊 

Tee Walsh


You ladies are truly ah!mazing

I am so looking forward to this week as it is so on point for me right now...of course!

I had a great week feeling fully supported by the pronoia universe that I live in.  When I showed up with my happy heart to all meetings and events all truly flowed effortlessly for me this week

I absolutely felt the Universe wanting my success and I was able to share with others involved with me this truth so they could witness it and benefit from it also to have this effect amplified acorss a greater number in our human body.

This energetic work you are facilitating is powerful!

Kate Lumley

EWEtopia heARTist

Every Wednesday night I get some cool insight and just notice that something feels different. I’ve enjoyed some neat ahh-has from it, even when I wasn’t consciously tracking what was going on beforehand. Getting the emails regularly is helpful. Thank you this stellar program!

Mike Peterson

PTSD Expert

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